February 10, 2010


The imagination is designed to be the genesis of creative thought and play. It has unlimited potential to bend the logical and amuses the mind with complex ideas and inventions. As a creative companion to the body, the imagination can envision, see and teach the body to do amazing things. Just as a gymnast defies gravity and Einstein discovers the theory of relativity. The imagination is the brush we use to paint the mind, allowing us to see beyond undefined and defined boundaries. When used within the bounds that it is designed, it is the most effective source of truth we have. But if left to engage in undisciplined thought or used in an obsessive fear based way to predict loss or embarrassment, it grows toxic and sickens the mind and body. Worry is an expression of this behavior and it is an unhealthy, painful, debilitating thought process that serves one purpose, to unsettle the mind. The process of meditation and prayer is to clear the mind and let go, increasing faith and gaining confidence that all will be ok.

Dean N Nixon
Seminar Director, Life Coach

TurningLeaf Wellness Center