February 21, 2010


The temporary state of our lives can be the anchor that helps us move forward. Our relationship with this state is one that we often resist. Trials are temporary, the duration is only prolonged by the resistance we have toward the lesson they provide.

No storm blows forever and the damage from the storm is swallowed up by time, leaving only the scars and stories of its glory. Impatience comes from the inability to accept our temporary state. We struggle with the trials at hand thinking them the most important thing at the time, not realizing that the out come is the only thing we now control and that only comes for our response to the trial. We cannot change the fact that the trial is happening or how it came to be. We can however choose our response to the trial, embrace it as a teacher and apply the understanding that all things are temporary. The temporary nature of our lives is a constant state that can help us see the bigger picture.

Dean N Nixon
Seminar Director, Life Coach

TurningLeaf Wellness Center