February 26, 2010


There are times we feel unsettled and not at peace, we may even feel overwhelmed. When we find ourselves in this place there are three questions we can ask to realign ourselves. The first is, Am I in control of my thoughts? Our thoughts drive our emotions and in turn affect the way we respond to daily life. Much of our discord and unhappiness is a result of our inappropriate response to life's challenges. The second is, Am I safe? Often we feel threatened physically and or emotionally, whether it be real or imagined this threat will affect us. Our ability to respond is important, it is our own responsibly to keep ourselves safe. Third is, How can I change how I feel? We have the ability to act and change how we feel. We are the stewards of our emotions, they require a diligent effort to be maintained. If we can settle our minds and anchor to truth we will find peace.

Dean N Nixon
Seminar Director, Life Coach

TurningLeaf Wellness Center