February 2, 2010


What would I give? I listened to a speaker today, he poised the question "what would you give up for God?" It struck me as he spoke about the things we could let go of to show our devotion. Cars, phones, friends, inappropriate relationships and other items. As the message seeped in to my heart I asked myself, Dean what would you give up? I ran through my list and saw it was rather easy to let go of most things. But then it struck me as deep as ever it could. It is fear! It is fear we fight to give up, we cling to and depend on it, it is fear we become addicted to and drunk on to the point of fatal attraction. The fear of not being loved, the fear of not being good enough, or the fear of loss of things and people and stuff. We are asked to believe and have faith, to trust that we are cared for. In his mind, yet fear tells us we are crazy and clouds our belief. Now my eyes are open to it and now I am resigned to give up my fear and as my close friend and brother Cliff keeps saying, "Embrace YOUR power."

Dean N Nixon
Seminar Director, Life Coach

TurningLeaf Wellness Center