February 16, 2010


The ability to be sponteneous is a culmination of factors. First, is the willingness to make mistakes and face the consequences, moving forward towards the goal or vision. Second, is to have a passion for life and enjoying the process of living in the moment, having no regard for the approval or disapproval of others. Taking no offense from those who do not understand. Third, is the purity in purpose, having no agenda beyond the betterment of all concerned, allowing ourselves to enjoy and follow the spirit of what it is we are working to create. Fourth, the understanding of our role as a servant to the better good and power for which we are engaged, to be willing at times to put off what we want to allow others to find fulfillment. Fifth, is the faith required to know our value to the creator of all things and the understanding of the love that is felt for us and our endeavors. Lastly, the understanding that when we are in the pursuit of healthy activity for the purposes of growth and betterment of self and others all will be ok. 

Dean N Nixon
Seminar Director, Life Coach

TurningLeaf Wellness Center