February 22, 2010


Beauty has become a majority rules concept.

There is a complacency when it comes to beauty, almost an exchange, our truth for the value of the world when it comes to beauty. As I meet with people there is a sense of despair about how they feel about their beauty and if they have any value to the world at all. As I ask them to tell me what beauty is, they express that it is what they see in magazines or on tv or in movies. I ask this, Is this how they feel? The answer is "I don't know." Why I ask? "Well its what is expected of me from everyone else." Slowly the conversation turns to what they find of beauty. After peeling back all the expectations and definitions of the world it becomes a simple answer, "The setting sun or the eyes of a new born." We are challenged by living in a society, to not get lost in the mass and confusion of the majority. This is where discord and unhappiness are born, it begins as a subtle comparison to define ourselves. Beauty is best left to our own interpreting. What is beauty to you?

Dean N Nixon
Seminar Director, Life Coach

TurningLeaf Wellness Center