February 5, 2010


The truth has many faces when left to the subjectivity of man. Through out time truth has become a majority rules concept, allowing a society to govern and define truth, providing a consistency and norms for creating peace. This has become in many ways a healthy powerful guide that provides safety for the betterment of the whole. However, there are times when this concept has direct results. The definition of beauty, wealth, and love as well as many other values have all fall prey to the majority rules concept.   We are surrounded and bombarded daily by images, opinions and definitions of others. We see people living in "cribs" that are over done, pictures of "fit" bodies that have been altered or edited to remove "flaws."  Left to contend with feelings of inadequacy and anger, feeling rejected and full of envy, we turn inward and pick and poke trying to change and adapt to "fit" in. This struggle is a common problem I wish I could say was limited to a small number of people, but we know it has many faces as well and it affects us all. I propose that these items and many others are best left to the discerning powers of the individual. We will be better served looking to our own definition of beauty, wealth and love. The need to have a governing body for the betterment of the whole is good, but it needs healthy boundaries just as everything else. We provide those boundaries. Listen to your discernment.

Dean N Nixon
Seminar Director, Life Coach

TurningLeaf Wellness Center