March 9, 2010


As I was out raking my lawn today when I found myself in a zen state (like when I am vacuuming) and I started to ponder how the healthy grass withstood the rugged abuse of the rake. I began to see the dead and loose grass become swept away by the constant attack, finally a pile began accumulating at the end of each stroke and was then dumped in the trash. I was reminded of the principal of deep roots set in good soil. Then I saw another lesson present its self. Resiliency and Tenacity, two subtle traits of success, not foundation pieces as much as an attitude and mind set. The constant pull of the rake is a formidable convincing drive that says "let go" or "give up" and be swept aside with so many, firm roots and all. Adversity has claimed many well grounded educated and spiritual people, the constant pull and aggressive quality of adversity has taken many of our loved ones to dark places. It's not always the roots and soil that keep the drive alive, it requires more than just the "right tools." It's the ability to hang on and use the tools that make the difference. It is tenacity that gives a mother with breast cancer the ability to see her children raise children, and father who has lost his job the ability to invent a product that becomes a household name. It is resiliency that helps rebuild a community after it is rocked by a flood or earthquake, a child scared by a tragic event, or disability to repair his/her life and then help others to see their world differently. Not always spoken of but still powerful, these simple and most often quiet traits are the difference makers that tip the scales in favor of those who use them.

Dean N Nixon
Seminar Director, Life Coach

TurningLeaf Wellness Center