March 23, 2010


To truly be the master of our own lives we must first learn to master ourselves. The power of Self-control as an ally in the quest for peace and is essential for understanding truth. It provides discipline and limits the self-destructive thoughts and behaviors. It is easier to surrender to the bondage of blame, not only blaming others but our situations through which we find justification for a lack of self-control. Self-mastery is first, the control of thought, second the disciplining of emotions, and finally choosing how we act. To many times through the years I have sat a listened to lost and hurting souls express how a lack of self-mastery has cost them dearly, I as well have felt that pain. The power of self-control is what sets us apart from being lost and subject to the worlds definition of which we will never measure up, and the true freedom of accountability.

Dean N Nixon
Seminar Director, Life Coach

TurningLeaf Wellness Center