March 25, 2010


At times we can feel very lost and hopeless, these feelings can translate into actions that create pain and hurt. Often when asked "How do I combat these depressing feelings?" I respond with, "Seeing the bigger picture." It is difficult to stay anchored when we have lost our vision of what we are moving towards. I remember as a young boy my Grandpa Noall telling me how to put a straight furrow in a field when planting Potatoes. As we passed a newly furrowed field one day, my grandfather asked "Do you know how they keep the lines so straight?" I responded, "No" and he then explained that the first line is the most important "It will determine where the rest of the lines will go." As he went on he told me how he would pick a fence post across the field, and without taking his eyes off of it he would slowly make his way towards his destination. It is as important to us to find a point of reference to move toward and keep us on a path of peace as it is for a farmer planting his future crops. Our future has been fixed on moments and we say "When" as a point of reference. But these things move and are dependent on trends, other people, and their humanity. They become fragile and brittle with no give or to much, leaving us frustrated and disillusioned. We can find a more permanent point of reference, one that takes discipline and focus. It is simply deciding, How do I want to feel? "How" instead of "When." Feelings are a powerful source. We can choose how the future will feel by picking the feeling we want now, then keep it in front of us. All we have to do is pick a post.

Dean N Nixon
Seminar Director, Life Coach

TurningLeaf Wellness Center