March 11, 2010


 I was pondering Awareness this morning and was taken back to a memory of when I was a younger man. I was on a two year "vacation" when I met a man who had diabetes, he was in a wheelchair at this point in his life and had lost the ability to walk. As we visited he told us stories both amazing and sad, some were whimsical to others, down right rough, then he shared a story that struck me as profound. As the diabetes slowly set in as it will, he began to have pain in his feet and soon lost the feeling. While he was telling this story he bent down and began to remove his shoe and then his sock reveling his toe less foot. He explained how not having an awareness of sensations in his feet had cost him his toes. I have held onto that memory for obvious reasons and have learned so much from it, the lessons have been both profound and simple. Now I see the lesson through the eyes of many who have become numb, unaware of the pain they are in as well as to the pain they cause. Awareness is a foundation principal, in order for us to move forward we must become aware of where we are lacking, how we want things to be different, and belief that we have the ability to become who we are striving to be. Awareness is the true feast in personal growth and will fill the soul with hope and vision.

Dean N Nixon
Seminar Director, Life Coach

TurningLeaf Wellness Center