January 18, 2010


True leadership is achieved through understanding the symbiotic relationship of knowing when to be a charismatic leader and when to be a silent one. Both have their place and both share in value.

The charismatic leader has a voice that comes from a passion for the task or purpose it serves. It inspires the mind, paints visions, and the importance for each simple detail. Their words are simple, dynamic, relevant and alive with purpose. They convey urgency and patience with whatever the task requires, never more and never less. The words have an energy and force. The delivery makes them feel like they come from the listeners own chest and giving a sense of ownership.

The silent leader speaks little, but asks for dedication perseverance and tenacity. All taught through example and action. There is no question of the message just a constant visual of a leader seen with sweat, blood and blisters setting a constant rhythm like a beating drum. No words, just a drive that also comes from the belly of belief in the work.

Make no mistake they both have a calling and both inspire. They understand that they serve those they lead. Asking nothing of their followers that they themselves are not willing to give. The difference is timing and discernment, the knowing when to act and when to speak. This is the challenge to each of us who bear the mantel of authority and leadership. May we all find the balance.

Dean N Nixon
Seminar Director, Life Coach

TurningLeaf Wellness Center