January 23, 2010


The ebb and flow of life is the renewing force. Just as the warrior must sometimes retreat to heal the wounds and resupply, we must allow the ebb and flow of life to provide a time to rest and renew. I see in times of trial such as a loss of work, many people equating their value to the productivity that is lost, becoming stressed and saddened think themselves as worthless. I see those who have fallen sick or injured, also falling prey to this thinking, even those with a disruption in relationships, stressing and obsessing. This is a time for renewal and introspection. The ebb and flow of all things is inevitable and certain. It is a constant that keeps all things in balance. The time we spend in renewal is an investment, a simple prayer or meditative moment, a walk in the hills or fields, a conversation with a trusted confidant. There are times when the flow is a constant stream and we must take the initiative to create an ebb, retreat, rest, and renew. This is the path to the true flow.

Dean N Nixon
Seminar Director, Life Coach

TurningLeaf Wellness Center