April 6, 2010


As a timid bird with its new wings is determined to take flight and chirps for reassurance, A young child looks back as they walk into the first day in a new school, unsure of the days ahead. We each take steps towards uncertainty daily, wondering if the choices we are making are the "Right Choices." Doubt fill our heads with clouds of fear and questions, leaving us struggling, sometimes even immobilized. The true nature of man is to explore and take risks, pushing deeper into the unknown, revealing truth and knowledge. The perceived limits we face each day come from the conditioning we receive to define our world, yet each day we push into undiscovered areas to reveal answers, and even more questions. Each of us can challenge what we fear to challenge, by doing so, we can liberate ourselves and others from the fear of the unknown. Each step we take into our unknown moves humanity towards an enlightenment that we can only dream of, Inner Peace.

Dean N Nixon
Seminar Director, Life Coach

TurningLeaf Wellness Center