April 27, 2010


Living is not just going through the motions, on autopilot, and waking up finding that the days have slipped away. Living is slowing the pace and feeling each breath. We often speed through the day not realizing the cost. We slowly give away moments and fill our days with activities, then finally collapse with fatigue and frustration. The life we want is within our control, it is a choice, we can choose to slow the pace and relieve the pressure. Yet we feel we don't have control due to the outside pressures, relationships, obligations and commitments. This over connection is a burden and can cause resentment and pain. There is a balance that can be attained by anchoring to our core values and understanding the purpose of the roles we play. Our life is a gift, not only to ourselves, but to others. The amount of influence we have is based upon the relationship we have with ourselves. Living and breathing is the only thing we are required to do to experience this life.

Dean N Nixon
Seminar Director, Life Coach

TurningLeaf Wellness Center