August 31, 2011


Through the years I have found the key to emotional mastery comes through the ability to set healthy boundaries with our thoughts.  I have been intrigued by the obsessive mind and its ability to learn and process, dissect and rationalize through problems. Obsessive minds have brought out brilliant philosophies and concepts which have impacted our world; such as Einstein’s theory of relativity.  
Like every gift, however, our mind either becomes a tool or a weapon based upon how we use it.  The destructive side of the obsessive mind keeps us stuck in the past or in the future trying to minimize risk and pain.  While the whole time it is inflicting a continual stream of unnecessary pain.  It is important to understand that our emotions are driven by our thoughts. The task that is simple, yet difficult to master, is to learn to set healthy boundaries with the obsessive mind and teach it, as we would a child, to focus on things that are relevant to us moving forward in life.  The inability to manage our emotions can often lead to unhealthy habits, impulsive behavior and poor boundaries with others. 
Controlling our thoughts can be as similar to being a child lying on the green grass on a summers day, watching the clouds float by.  Often times a cloud would come into view that somehow would not fit within our imagination or reveal any shape or character.  So in a childlike way we would simply let that cloud go and focus on clouds that gave us what we needed.  Thoughts that enter our mind which often seem uninvited are given energy when we try to resist them.  If we simply accept the thought, thank it and then dismiss it, it will help in the process of refocusing back on what is relevant and important. 
The mastery of our emotions is our responsibility. Often times we give others power over us by allowing their thoughts and feelings to drive our emotions, rather than simply acknowledging  that it is what we are choosing to focus on and it is in our hands to decide.
Dean N Nixon
Seminar Director, Life Coach

TurningLeaf Wellness Center