August 9, 2010


As parents we often forget that we have a small window of time to develop a relationship of trust with our kids. Trust for children is important in exploring the world around them. The feeling of safety helps in the development of healthy self concept and boundaries. Between the ages of 0 to 8/10 we are parents, from 8/10 on up we are nothing more than spectators, cheerleaders, coaches, mentors, etc. This is a critical time to be aware of our energy and the energy we use to teach and motivate. Children by nature rebel against fear and are repelled by it. However, they can be conditioned to respond to fear, using it as a way to define the boundaries and/or the lack of boundaries in their lives. Using fear based motivation with our Children can over time create a lack of trust, will eventually close the lines of communication and influence. We need to use the small window of time to create relationships with our kids.

Dean N Nixon
Seminar Director, Life Coach

TurningLeaf Wellness Center