May 11, 2010


Often we become frustrated and overwhelmed when looking for the ability to let things go. Our purpose is to relieve the discomfort and end the pain. This can lead to obsessive thoughts and impulsive behaviors. We spend time using methods of blocking or distraction to resolve the issue only to find our persistent thoughts and feelings prevailing. In past posts I have written about the power of refocusing as well as anchoring to help in the constant struggle. Next we need to work on the more overlooked tool of controlling the thoughts we entertain. Our thoughts are like our friends, we choose those who most represent how we feel about ourselves. When we spend time with unhealthy friends it is easy to fall into unhealthy behaviors, the same is true of the thoughts we spend time with. It is easy to blame or circumstances or the people in our lives for the stress and aggravation, yet it always comes down to our choices and what we allow ourselves to think and feel. We choose who we entertain in our homes, now we must choose what we entertain in and out of our thoughts.

Dean N Nixon
Seminar Director, Life Coach

TurningLeaf Wellness Center