January 4, 2012


The true demise of New Year’s resolutions isn’t the failure to accomplish them, but the intent by which they were set.   Most of the time we feel that the true failure to keep New Year’s resolutions is due to a lack of will power or the inability to stay committed.  In truth, the demise is set within the intent of why we chose the resolutions to begin with. 
All too often we allow external influences to become our motivation rather than focusing on our own truth, our own needs and focusing on what is healthy for us.  For example, getting caught up in the physical self-image that we portray to the world and placing high value on our physical appearance can often times cause us to be self-conscious or insecure about our weight.  We plan on losing weight, or working on our figure knowing that we will be attending a high school reunion or playing on the beach in the summer.  We work hard until we reach those end dates.  Once those end dates have moved on our purpose and resolution has now disappeared.  We find our motivation to continue to exercise and eat well starts to become less of a priority. 
If, however, we can see the value in the long term health benefits, we can now start to focus more on the value of why we are doing what we are doing as an internal motivation rather than an external. This can be accomplished by focusing on how we feel when we are eating healthy and exercising and focusing on the feel of the success of keeping our agreements with ourselves and commitments that we have made.  The New Year’s resolutions that are most often kept come from an internal motivation and resolve to increase one’s value and the ability to see ourselves in a long term healthy way.   
Dean N Nixon
Seminar Director, Life Coach

TurningLeaf Wellness Center