June 9, 2010


 Intimacy and sex are not the same. Sex is an expression. It is a way to communicate feelings and create bonds, to connect spirits to each other and bind lives. Sex is a creating force that allows two people to work with the divine in bringing forth the miracle of life, and in doing so become immortal. Intimacy is the body that sex is a part of, it is how we express feelings of safety, it allows others to see and be apart of us. This expression can be through conversation, eye contact, holding hands, sharing feelings, even through a sexual relation. The world we live in is confusing us with information directed at selling a better life, full of excitement and feelings of being wanted, all of which are misleading and diluting this important part of life. It is wisdom to teach our children the meaning of intimacy with all its many expressions as well as the purpose of sex, that they are not the same.

Dean N Nixon
Seminar Director, Life Coach

TurningLeaf Wellness Center